Center for Christian Civics
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Center for Christian Civics
Empowering the church to be lamps on stands across the political spectrum.
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Our Mission

The Center for Christian Civics is a 501(c)3 organization working to help the church navigate the public square—the broad sets of activities and institutions that our society uses to manage citizens’ relationships to one another. Our work pursues three primary goals:

  • Encourage God's people to be collaborative participants in the public square.
  • Empower local ministries to be communities where political opponents thrive in common Christian community.
  • Equip Christians of every political tradition to conduct their public lives in a manner that reflects trust in the gospel's promises. 

"At a time when many within the church, and outside of it, are disillusioned and disheartened, the need for incisive, civil political discourse is critical. The Center for Christian Civics' commitment to grace and truth in the sphere of politics is a public model and a personal commitment."

— Rev. Glenn Hoburg, Senior Pastor, Grace DC church network


Our Values

The shape and direction of our work is guided by our team's dedication to:


Transformative Discipleship

The Christian gospel is the good news of Jesus’ birth, life, work, death, resurrection and eventual return. This good news is the primary filter through which Christians are required to test their thoughts, emotions, convictions, and actions. It speaks to and challenges people of every time and every place. Some aspects of living in line with the truth of the gospel can look different in different cultural contexts. Learning to live in line with the gospel within your ever-changing context is a lifelong process for every believer. That process is often called “discipleship.”


Our political parties and traditions are created by and made up of people, who are both made in the image of God and also fallen, in need of the restoration that will one day be brought by Christ. As with all human endeavors, these institutions can simultaneously reflect the image of God and distort that image in various ways. Christ calls people from every tribe, tongue and institution to himself. We affirm Christian participation in a wide range of political parties and governmental institutions, encouraging them to seek redemptive ends within those institutions.


Local Ministry

The primary way the Christian faith is demonstrated to non-believers is through the lives of members of local Christian communities. The primary expression of those communities is the local church, though other expressions can include campus ministries, small groups, or workplace/vocational groups. Local ministries welcome members into a body that both transcends and will outlast our current political parties. Our work supports and empowers local ministries, making them healthier and helping them articulate the gospel message more clearly to people of all political backgrounds and encouraging their members to actively seek the common and collective good of the city where God has placed them.