Center for Christian Civics
Center for Christian Civics
Empowering the church to be lamps on stands across the political spectrum.

Lamps on stands...

...across the political spectrum

God's people are supposed to shine like lamps on stands everywhere, all the timeā€”even when we are walking the halls of government or exercising our civic duties. The Center for Christian Civics equips his people to approach politics with a posture that sets them apart from the world around them.



Workshops on public discipleship for churches, schools, small groups and more.

"I've never heard anyone talk about politics this way before!"

Class Feedback

Christian Civics' leaders are available to visit your church, office, vocational group, school or small group. Our talks and workshops can equip you to understand political engagement as an avenue for Christian witness, learn to form a faith community that thrives on political diversity, or navigate the unique stressors that come from working in the political arena.



Articles, emails and podcasts that encourage, challenge and commission.

How do you love God with all your mind when what's on your mind is politics? On The Christian Civics Blog, members of the Body of Christ share how the gospel informs and challenges their approach to politics. We also regularly hear from pastors, teachers and Christian political professionals who help us better understand and pray for the country into which God has called us.

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New this year is The Christian Civics Podcast, where twice a month we explore how the gospel empowers us to think, speak and act differently in the public square.


Light to the World

Bible Study Guide for Individuals and Small Groups


Making Politics Safe for Christian Community

Our first Bible study guide helps small group members begin working together to visibly and consistently demonstrate the hope of the gospel during politically divisive times.


"I've shared with others the pattern of meditating on how those who disagree with me or are my political 'opponents' are made in the image of God."