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Healing Our Divided Politics


At Q Commons 2017, we explored ways in which followers of Jesus could be agents of healing in the face of some of the biggest divisions facing our communities, but we left one big division out: The divisions in our politics.

Whether it is the division between Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives, populists and elitists, the urbane and the provincial, or cynics and idealists, our neighbors are more aware of the fractures in our politics than at any time in our recent memory—and the gospel equips us to demonstrate hope to them in a unique way. If you joined us for Q Commons 2017, we'd like to invite you to a special follow-up event exploring how Christians can be agents of change and healing in a climate of political polarization.

This special event will feature four presentations covering a range of topics, including how to develop a new, biblical paradigm for the responsibilities of modern citizenship; how local churches can advocate for their neighbors without conforming to the patterns of partisan division; and practical ways to help your church become a community where political opponents thrive in common Christian fellowship!

If you're interested in these questions, or if you registered for Q Commons DC in October 2017, mark your calendars and register today!

Healing Our Divided Politics
Saturday, April 7, 2018
10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Center for Christian Civics (at The Yard)
700 Pennsylvania Ave SE, Floor 2
Washington, DC 20003


Aaron Round.png

Aaron Jenkins

As Vice President for Policy and Advocacy at The Expectations Project, Aaron Jenkins develops and implements engagement strategy for a national non-profit organization that organizes faith communities to advocate for quality public education. Under President Barack Obama, he directed the White House Center for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships at the United States Department of Commerce. Aaron has executive experience across the public and non-profit sectors, including the United States Senate, and the Council of the District of Columbia. He is a fourth generation Washingtonian and a licensed minister at New Solid Rock Church Ministries.

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Ben O'Dell

Ben has worked at the intersection of faith and public life for over 15 years with, serving in what is now called the Center for Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships within the department of Health and Human Services under presidents Bush, Obama and Trump. In this role, Ben has had the opportunity to advise and support partnerships between the federal government and faith and community partners. He also serves as the board chair of the Center for Christian Civics and resides in Centreville, VA, with his wife and their two daughters.

Rick Barry

As Executive Director of the Center for Christian Civics, Rick Barry helps Christian ministry leaders and faith communities develop practical and robust plans for integrating civic responsibility and political de-polarization into their vision for spiritual formation. He has worked on campaigns for local, state and federal office, is a former writer and editor for Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City and oversaw communications for the Grace DC church network. He and his wife live in Washington, DC.

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