Website and Newsletter Content to Help Your Congregation Live Missionally

The gospel places a transformative claim over every dimension of our lives, but it can be difficult to understand (let alone clearly articulate) what Christ's lordship means for our civic obligations. We shouldn't be surprised by this: the specific climates of every time and place make one aspect of discipleship or another especially hard to figure out. 


To help ministries and local churches around the country on this front, we are glad to make original articles from The Christian Civics Blog available for re-publication on your church blog, website or e-newsletter. 

To re-publish an article from The Christian Civics Blog, we ask that you do the following:

  • Publish the article in its entirety. (This only applies if you are actually re-running one of our articles. You can, of course, always cite and quote one of our articles in an original piece you are writing.)
  • Provide the original author's name and bio.
  • Clearly cite that the article originally ran in The Christian Civics Blog, and provide a link to the original article.
  • Let us know that you're re-running it, and maybe send us a link to your site.

We hope that making our articles available to your church helps you to equip your community for sincere and gospel-oriented discipleship. 

Recommended Articles

Churches and other ministries are welcomed to re-publish any Body Politic article that doesn't say it was first run somewhere else. For your convenience, we've recommended the ones we think might be the easiest for most churches to deploy: