Light to the World (Discussion Guide)

Light to the World (Discussion Guide)

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How can we talk about politics in a way that is uniquely Christian, no matter what ideas we may have about government? In the middle of an especially divisive election season, this question is extremely important: Jesus talked a lot about being a king and ushering in a new kingdom, and his followers must demonstrate faith and confidence that sets them apart from the people around them.

This five-session discussion guide will take readers and small groups through some of the truths that make Christians distinct from their neighbors when politics comes up. 

The Leader's Edition—containing tips for managing group conversation and additional commentary—is for pastors, ministry professionals or small-group leaders preparing to lead others through this five-session discussion series. 

The Small Group Package contains ten participant's guides and two leader's guides, along with exclusive discount codes for Body Broken: Can Democrats and Republicans Sit In The Same Pew?