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Center for Christian Civics
Empowering the church to be lamps on stands across the political spectrum.


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The Latest News, Episodes and More

The Center for Christian Civics produces a range of publications, including a blog, podcast and newsletter. Our most recent content for each publication is below, or you can browse through the (nearly) complete archive of all of our publications. 

The Christian Civics Blog

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Loving God with all our minds—when what's on our minds is politics.

The Center for Christian Civics began as a blog called The Body Politic. The name changed when we launched the non-profit, but the publication continues to feature writers from across the political spectrum exploring what it looks like to love God with all our mind when what's on our mind is politics.

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The Christian Civics Podcast

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Exploring how the gospel empowers us to think, speak and act differently in the public square.

About the Podcast

The Christian Civics Podcast provides ongoing support and encouragement for Christians who are trying to navigate what it means to carry their faith into the public square during this tumultuous moment in political history.

Episodes generally come out twice a month, and feature class excerpts, commentary on current events and exclusive interviews with people living lives that can help us better understand what it means to be a disciple in a representative democracy. Each episode also includes a brief time of guided prayer for the health of our civic communities, the effect politics is having on our churches, and the spiritual health of the millions of Christians trying to work out how their faith affects their civic obligations.

You can browse our episode archives below, or subscribe on iTunesStitcherSoundCloudGoogle Play or wherever you get your podcasts. 

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The Christian Civics Mailing List

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Practical tools for living your faith in public.

What does it mean to live out our Christian faith in public? To have conversations with our neighbors about the town we live in or with our friends about the latest political scandal in ways that clearly demonstrate Jesus' character?

If you're interested in finding out, The Christian Civics Mailing List is for you.

Subscribers get exclusive reflections and devotional material delivered to their inbox, along with highlights from The Christian Civics Blog, recommended reading from our editors and the latest news and resources from the Center for Christian Civics as they become available.


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