New Challenges and a Financial Update

While I'm feeling very excited and enthusiastic about how the year has gone so far, I also owe it to you all to be honest about the challenges we are facing: While devoting my time and energy to Christian Civics full-time has made a big difference in how much work the organization has been able to do, we still aren't anywhere near able to meet the actual need in front of us. The church is thirsty for biblical, non-partisan guidance on how to promote healing in our political life and flourishing in our civic life, and one person alone can't offer enough to quench that thirst. This new momentum and the new opportunities it is opening up are wonderful, but they are also taxing my ability to manage our operations and schedules—it's hard to write curriculum, plan an event, edit a podcast episode, and prayerfully find the right financial partners all at the same time! 

Because of this, another major goal ahead of us over the course of Q2 will be growing our financial base. In 2017, our organization raised about $30,000—a significant amount of money for a mostly volunteer team with a couple team members drawing honorary stipends, but not enough to sustain a full-time ministry for the long haul. Our goal is to nearly triple that number BEFORE we begin our end-of-year fundraising push the week after Thanksgiving. Successfully doing this would mean that we can begin hiring other vital positions on a part-time basis, but it will also mean we need to raise nearly $75,000 over the next seven months. Your support, encouragement and prayer are ESSENTIAL for reaching this goal—this ministry will only become sustainable if it does so with your prayers.