Upcoming Podcast Episodes

I spent the first week of the new quarter in Memphis, TN, with Center for Christian Civics co-founder Daniel Leiva interviewing pastors, theologians and Christian political professionals on the anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. A number of these interviews will be released on The Christian Civics Podcast in the coming weeks, but those are far from the only episodes we're working on.

In addition to the five interviews on race, politics and Christian community that we recorded in Memphis, we have already also recorded episodes featuring:

  • Bill Henson of Lead Them Home on how to witness when we don't control the terms of debate. 
  • Rev. Chris Sicks on his church's ministry to refugees and asylum-seekers.
  • Mike Alfoni on understanding ranked-choice voting. (The first in an ongoing series on the structure of our civic systems.)

In addition, we're also working on upcoming episodes on:

  • how to build relationships with your elected officials.
  • the history of Congressional district sizes and movements to change them.
  • how learning to think like an H.R. manager can help us vote more effectively.

I'm honestly not sure that we're going to be able to edit and release ALL of these episodes within the next three months, especially since we don't really have the manpower to release more than two episodes a month right now, but I'm excited about all of them and hope that you are, too.