Complete Overhaul of our Branding

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Now that the Center for Christian Civics is operating full-time and is about to become much more active and visible, the Christian Civics executive board and I believed that 2018 was the right time to invest in our "visual identity." So, we have been hard at work with the talented designers at Neue Now on developing a brand identity for the organization that communicates our vision and values clearly while also making sure we can't be easily confused with the kinds of activist/partisan organizations that are often found at the intersection of faith and politics here in DC. You should start seeing this new branding and design language rolling out in late April or May, but I wanted to give you a taste of the direction we are moving in. So, I'm attaching a sample of the new Christian Civics logo that will be rolling out on all of our products and outlets by the end of Q2. The goal with the logo redevelopment was to imply the qualities that set our ministry apart from others in DC and around the country, without being overly literal in a way that invited direct, didactic explanation. The new logo icon evokes the light shining from a lamp on a stand, as well as implying traditional Christian imagery of crosses and stars. The small dotted rays coming out of the center of the logo, combined with the "CC" monogram in the middle, also evoke our common abbreviation for the organization, "CXC." And when it is seated on top of the wordmark, the icon also brings to mind a church steeple, subtly reinforcing our emphasis on supporting and building capacity for local ministries.

Our original logo and design language was developed almost accidentally, as Danny and I stayed up late after work, cycling through our favorite fonts and photos trying to figure out how to make sure our new blog was easy to read. I'm excited about the way partnering with a design specialist has helped make our unique combination of sincere missiology, indefatigable engagement, singular perspective and approachable humility more readily graspable in a way that we never could have on our own. I know that change is often hard, especially when what's changing is something so visible and significant, but as the designer of our original brand identity, I'm glad to see it evolve like this, and I thank you for your patience as we continue to work with Neue Now to develop the rest of the visual identity, including color palette, typefaces and photo treatments.

Rick BarryComment