Center for Christian Civics Event Inquiries

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The Center for Christian Civics offers seminars and workshops to help a broad range of audiences approach their civic and political obligations with the hope and grace of God's promise.

If your church, Bible study group, ministry, retreat or office would like to set up one of these events, please fill out the form below. We will work with you to tailor the content to your audience's specific needs, but to make planning easy, we offer three broad topics we can use as starting points.

These events are a safe space for anyone looking to investigate what it means to practice politics faithfully as a Christian living in the U.S.

Suggested Topics for Seminars and Workshops

The Church In Politics

How does finding our place in the Christian story re-shape our expectations of the civic arena? How does the gospel promote an attitude toward politics and government that will make you stand out no matter what party you’re in? Seminars on the church in politics cover how our faith encourages us to diligently assume the duties of citizenship in a participatory government. Special emphasis is given to tracing the biblical narrative of creation, fall, incarnation, redemption and restoration, and how that story equips believers to approach politics, government and citizenship with patience, generosity, persistence and grace. 

Politics In The Church

Why would it be important to share a church with people who don't agree with you about politics? And how can you do that without just agreeing to pretend your differences don't exist? Casting political diversity as an essential apologetic, seminars on politics in the church generally cover legitimate reasons that Christians of good faith can still end up disagreeing about politics, why those disagreements are so hard to accept, and practical steps we can take to flourish together not just despite our disagreements, but because of them.  

Christianity & Living A Political Life

Working in politics or public service means dealing with a unique set of stressors and challenges, including balancing idealism against career goals, staving off cynicism, sharing a Bible study with professional opponents, or finding rest when you're not allowed to turn off your phone. But anyone who works in or around politics can learn to carry their faith into their work in ways that go beyond mere partisan fervor. Classes on Christianity and living a political life are generally aimed at helping people who are "in the trenches" of politics, government and advocacy live out their faith in very practical ways.