A Gospel-Oriented Perspective on Our Civic and Political Lives


Center for Christian Civics Event Inquiries

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The Center for Christian Civics offers seminars and workshops to help a broad range of audiences approach their civic and political obligations with the hope and grace of God's promise.

If your church, Bible study group, ministry, retreat or office would like to set up one of these events, please fill out the form below. We will work with you to tailor the content to your audience's specific needs, but to make planning easy, we offer three broad topics we can use as starting points.

These events are a safe space for anyone looking to investigate what it means to practice politics faithfully as a Christian living in the U.S.

Available Seminars and Workshops

We offer a range of classes and seminars addressing various topics at the intersection of Christian witness and US civic life. All of our classes are designed specifically to promote the health and spiritual growth of the individuals who attend and the broader church/para-church bodies they belong to. In addition to the specific classes we've developed below, our team members are also available for shorter presentations or classes on specific topics. Contact us for more details on any of the below classes or on arranging a shorter one-off presentation.

"How to behave in public"

This half-day interactive workshop is our flagship class and the best way to start a gracious, Spirit-filled, Christ-centered conversation about politics and civic life in your church or ministry community. Through teaching, discussion, a range of prayer and conversation exercises, we'll cover a basic understanding of the structure of the US government, what the Bible's commands for rulers and those in authority mean for us as citizens, the attitudes and postures Christians should all demonstrate in the public square,  why Christians of the same faith might disagree about politics, and the why and how of building deep fellowship with people who disagree with you. 

"Turning down the heat"

Is your congregation, ministry or surrounding community experiencing particularly acute political division? This two-hour class focuses specifically on how to start repairing church relationships that have been strained and tested because of political division. 

"Christianity & Living A Political Life"

Working in politics or public service means dealing with a unique set of stressors and challenges, including balancing idealism against career goals, staving off cynicism, sharing a Bible study with professional opponents, or finding rest when you're not allowed to turn off your phone. But anyone who works in or around politics can learn to carry their faith into their work in ways that go beyond mere partisan fervor. Classes on Christianity and living a political life are generally aimed at helping people who are "in the trenches" of politics, government and advocacy live out their faith in very practical ways.

"Political division and pastoral ministry" (Coming soon)

This upcoming course will cover specific challenges our political climate presents to effective pastoral ministry. Appropriate for new and experienced pastors, as well as seminarians and pastors-in-training. Contact us for more details.