Body Broken: Can Republicans and Democrats Sit in the Same Pew?

What Is It About?

Can Christians maintain and communicate a biblical perspective with grace and love in a sometimes hostile society? The church has often been as politically divided as the culture around us, but Charles Drew offers an alternative for people who care deeply about their faith, about Christian harmony, and about the church's calling in the world. Distinguishing between moral principle and political strategy, Body Broken equips readers to maintain the unity of the church while building their political activism upon a thoughtful and biblical foundation. 

Rev. Charles Drew's excellent primer on how the Christian faith changes the way we approach the civic arena is one of our team's favorite books. 

We're glad to be able to offer Body Broken: Can Republicans and Democrats Sit in the Same Pew? in two electronic formats. If you intend to read the book on a Kindle-brand e-reader or through a Kindle app, you should download the .mobi format.

Who Is It For?

  • Anyone looking for help getting started thinking about what their faith might mean for the way they think about politics or approach their civic obligations.
  • Anyone who finds themselves caught up in the passion or drama of US politics and wants to take a step back, clear their heads and remind themselves of first principles.
  • Small groups that want a safe and constructive structure for discussing politics and civic engagement.
  • Leaders or mentors who want to offer responsible, biblical guidance on living out the Christian faith in a representative democracy. 

Praise for Body Broken

"Charlie Drew leads us sure-footedly through the difficult terrain of Christian political involvement. He points out the unique social impact of the ministry of the local church, and then guides us through a host of other issues with a biblical and balanced approach."

Dr. Timothy Keller
Senior Pastor, Redeemer Presbyterian Church
Author of The Reason for God

"Here is a wise, gentle, Bible-based, low-key introduction and discussion-starter on a matter of huge importance for Christian credibility in this generation. May it be widely read, and taken deeply to heart."

J. I. Packer
Board of Governors, Regent College

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Body Broken: Can Republicans and Democrats Sit In The Same Pew?
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