Embodied Encounters (Dr. Curt Thompson)

The Christian Civics Podcast returns with an interview with psychiatrist and ministry leader Dr. Curt Thompson. In this episode, Dr. Thompson discusses why it's important for Christians to have face-to-face, real-life conversations with our political opponents, and how we can get better at those kinds of conversations by understanding how God has made our brains to work.


00:00–03:59 Introduction
04:04–23:40 Interview
23:43–29:28  Assessing our desires, practicing, and sports.
29:30–31:28 Prayer
31:30–35:27 End Notes


Dr. Thompson
For more information on Dr. Thompson and his work, visit beingknown.com. His books Anatomy of the Soul and The Soul of Shame are both available online.

Marist Poll Summaries, January 2018
This interview was recorded during the same week that Marist released the summaries of its January 2018 polls, showing stark divisions between Americans when it comes to their trust in various political, cultural and social institutions. A summary of the polls and the actual polling data are both available on Marist's website.

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