Our New Podcast: Episode Zero

The Center for Christian Civics team is excited to announce the first release from our new podcast series. This podcast will feature interviews with insightful Christians across the political spectrum about how our faith equips us for missionary citizenship in a dynamic representative democracy. It will also be a great opportunity to share excerpts from the classes we've been hosting in churches around the country and commentary on how we might be able to respond to breaking news and major questions without conforming to the party lines we're usually offered. 

We've been working on interviews and developing ideas for episodes all spring, and before we start releasing official episodes, we wanted to give our readers, subscribers and followers a sneak peek. In this special sampler episode, we're sharing excerpts from three future segments:

First, we interview Body Politic correspondents Brian Smith and Sarah Morgan Smith about their recent article, "An Introduction to Interpreting the Constitution." Next, we bring you an excerpt from a class by Center for Christian Civics board member Rev. Charles Drew on "Turning Down the Political Heat" in our churches. Lastly, we round out the episode with part of a recent conversation on what sociology can teach us about loving our neighbors with pastor and sociologist Dr. Richard Smith.

We hope that this whets your appetite--the first full episode will be posted right here on our blog in about two weeks, and you'll be able to find the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher or your favorite podcast app in mid-June.