How Do We Endure? An Interview With Steve Park

This autumn has pummeled us with so much bad news that just thinking about what our responsibilities might be to the wider world has to feel intimidating and exhausting.

This week, we welcome Steve Park, head of Little Lights Urban Ministries, to talk about how he's managed to stay active and motivated to do some very hard, dispiriting work for over twenty years.

Then we will call specific attention to a few ideas that came up during the interview before we get led in prayer by Rev. Charles Drew.

00:00 - Intro, a season of endless bad news
04:35 - Interview with Steve Park
27:30 - Burnout
32:13 - Spiritual disciplines
34:58 - Scripture reading and prayer
42:26 - Endnotes


We just ran two blog posts following up on aspects of Steve's interview that we couldn't get into in the podcast:

"Does Your Faith Make You Distinct?"

"Aspiring to Humility"


We'll be sending out the complete interview with Steve to all of our partners and supporters later this month. If you want to hear more from him about the work Little Lights has done and what it's like to lead a faith-based organization using space provided by the government, visit and make a donation to our work today.