A Long Walk Filled With Short Prayers: Monthly Action Item

Explore and Pray for Your Civic Community

With national politics dominating so much of our news, it's easy to think of government and civic life as something that happens far away, conducted by people with famous names aligned with big national "brands." But one of the unique facts about the time and place to which God has called us is that each one of us is partially responsible for the health of our civic communities at the most local level. To reflect the gospel in the way you behave as a neighbor and citizen, you need to learn to see your neighbors and your communities through the eyes of faith, celebrating where they reflect God's image and repenting where they might distort it. 

Toward this end, we'd like to ask you to take one hour this month to go on a prayer walk. Prayer walking can help you get to know your community better, root you in the place God has carried you, and teach you to think about your community as a mission field, a place to reflect and celebrate God's beauty.

Before You Start: Pick A Place

This can be a residential area, the area around the school you registered with last month, or a place where many people in your town shop or work.

How to Prayer Walk

  • Go alone or in pairs.
    • If you are chaperoning kids who are trick-or-treating, consider using that time to prayer walk. 
    • If you are going with others, pray out loud, and keep each prayer very short, two to three sentences, so that you have the opportunity to build off of one another's prayers. 
  • Be aware of Jesus' presence with you, and ask for help seeing the community through his eyes.
  • Pray for:
    • Critical needs you might observe or be aware of: social, spiritual, economic.
    • Key influencers: businesses, teachers, public servants, neighbors, etc.
    • Christians to be good neighbors who make the gospel known and felt through their words and actions.
    • Peace, safety and flourishing: For non-Christians and Christians alike to be moved by God's promise of peace and healing.

After You Finish

Take some time at home to consider and pray about what surprised you, what encouraged you, and what made you uncomfortable.

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Instructions for prayer walking adapted from material provided by Prayer Current.